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Re-Opening for Mass Information


Dear Friends and Parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish:

We are so excited to continue opening our doors! Our re-opening leadership team and volunteers have been working diligently to allow all of this to continue. Below you will find information about the next coming weeks.

A reminder to all that the entire Diocese remains dispensed from the Sunday and Holy Day Mass obligation until further notice. The Mass schedule is as follows:

Saturdays (Sunday Vigil Mass) - 5:30pm

Sundays                                      - 8:15am,  10:00am, 12:00pm

Weekday                                    - 9:00am

Should you wish to volunteer, please contact Mary Prebys to be given all the necessary information and training links to set you up for success!

All who are younger than 60 and healthy with no underlying health conditions, high school students, college students, as well as young adults are encouraged to serve and volunteer for teams.

If you are part of the “vulnerable population” with an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, lung disease, undergoing cancer treatment, etc., we ask that your support our efforts with prayer.

We will be using a scheduling tool to “reserve” a Mass time for you and your family for the Saturday Vigil Mass and Sunday Masses.  On-line reservations are currently not required for daily Masses, but reservations may be instituted if we discover that attendance is surpassing our capacity.

The link for access to reserve for Masses on October 31st and November 1st is:

Registration for Mass on October 31st and November 1st  

If you are not able to reserve for Mass via the internet, you may call the parish office at (630) 852-3303 or email Mary Prebys at mary.prebys@ourladyofmtcarmel.org.

We are so pleased to be able to say that we are now live stremaing the Masses on our Facebook page AND YouTube Page. Use the links below to access the weekly live streams as well as all other OLMC videos!

Link to YouTube Page

Link to Facebook Page

It is a tremendous joy for our parish to be able welcome our community home to mass. Please be assured these new protocols will be in place to safeguard the well-being of one another. With this ongoing time of COVID-19, we will instill the Gospel value of "Loving your Neighbor" in our culture and our hearts! Although this is a different experience for all of us, we implement these practices out of love and respect for one another. Most importantly we implement them for those in the "vulnerable population", who long to gather again in person worship of our lord, even though they are dispensed from the "obligation" of in-person worship of our Lord.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Stay Safe and God Bless!

Please read here for more information on what to expect for coming back! 

This Week's Bulletin

Our Religious Education Programs
Have Been Approved to Start Again!

Classes will begin onsite and remotely on October 17. 
See our
RE pages for more details

We are still looking for Catechists and other volunteers to help with the upcoming year as we need many hands to provide a safe envrionment for our families. If you would like to help, please contact:

Sherry Rochford (sherry.rochford@ourladyofmtcarmel.org)

Mary Prebys (mary.prebys@ourladyofmtcarmel.org)

Stephanie Snyder (stephanie.snyder@ourladyofmtcarmel.org). 

 Fr. Mike's Open Letter to Parishoners
RE: COVID-19          March 19, 2020

Important News about Re-opening

Letter Regarding the Re-Opening Plan for Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish
Amid the Dangers of Covid-19

OLMC Faith Family,

     My prayer is that you and all you love are blessed with good health and let us continue to pray for all who are struggling in any way.  As you may have seen, Bishop Pates recently published the plan for re-opening churches of the Diocese of Joliet.  To wit:

Phase One allowing of celebrations of Baptism, Reconciliation, Weddings, and Funerals with a limit of ten attendees.
Phase One-A allowing the re-opening of church doors for private prayer and Adoration with the ten attendee limit.
Phase Two allowing resumption of weekday and weekend Masses for larger groups depending on the guidelines issued by the State of Illinois at a later date, and the capacity of our church facility considering safe spacing.

The OLMC Re-opening Plan

     First, it is important for everyone to understand that our design will prioritize the safety and well-being of all while honoring due respect and reverence for the sacraments and our Catholic norms.

I have called together a Parish Re-Opening Leadership Team and will appoint captains to guide our effort.  That Leadership Team has already participated in required training offered by the Diocese to ensure that our parish plan conforms to the guidelines developed by the Diocese in collaboration with civil and healthcare authorities.  We have begun to obtain the protective and cleaning supplies needed.

Volunteers Needed

     This I consider the most crucial part of this letter.  We are inviting as many parishioners as can step forward to assist with the various aspects of our parish re-opening.  Specifically, we seek those who are under the age of 65 and not of the “vulnerable population.”  I am especially encouraging high school and college age parishioners as well as young adults to step up and answer the call to assist in this essential effort.  We need you to help in one of the following capacities:

Set-Up.  Duties will include ensuring that all necessary supplies for each sacramental            celebration/gathering are ready for use and that entrances and exits are clearly marked to assist the congregants. 

Greeting.  Admittance of worshippers and welcoming our guests. Helping to guide the flow of people, making sure that attendees use hand sanitizer, are wearing a mask, and directing worshipers to appropriate seating spaces.

Cleaning.  Maintaining and cleaning trafficked and occupied areas of the church before and after    each liturgy.

      The Leadership Team will help in making sure that all volunteers are properly trained and ready.

      And we will be looking for individuals at each Mass time to step up into a leadership role in each of the three above-described categories. 

     To respond to this appeal for volunteers, please contact:

          Fr Mike at frmike.okeefe@ourladyofmtcarmel.org
          Sue Haa, our parish secretary, at receptionist@ourladyofmtcarmel.org
          Mary Prebys, our Youth Minister, at mary.prebys@ourladyofmtcarmel.org

      Or call the parish office 8am-4:30pm at 630 852 3303

Timing for Our Re-Opening

The parish Re-Opening Leadership Team is in the process of reviewing and completing the steps prescribed to all parishes as part of the re-opening certification process to be approved by the Diocese.  I am confident that we can accomplish all of the tasks necessary to be approved for Phases 1 and 1A in the next couple of weeks.  We must move at a pace that we deem appropriate to have all of the stipulations in place and sufficient volunteers on board.  Again, the need for voluntary parishioner assistance cannot be overstated.

     Making a prognostication as to when we will be able to resume weekend Masses with an increased number of attendees admitted is more difficult to assess.  First, we are dependent on approval from the Governor’s office.  Secondly, to have permission to proceed from the Bishop’s office, we must complete all the protocols of a process we have never been through before.  We are working at it.

     Another issue of which I would like to make you aware is that, when we are able to resume, we will have to limit the number of persons admitted for a given Mass.  One of the tasks of the Leadership Team will be to design some form of a registration for admittance ahead of time so that we can avoid turning people away at the doors and consequent hard feelings.  Limiting the number is necessary to minimize the risk of the spread of disease.  Please be alert for the announcement of that procedure and cooperative with it.  The guidelines and measures required to re-open are designed to protect the well-being of all with whom we come in contact.  Christ taught that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.  Our collective patience, willingness to help, and the care we take to re-open will be evidence that we have listened to Him.

                                                                                                                God’s Peace to us all,

                                                                                                                Fr Mike       

We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is We are the Church, alive with Christ, a diverse community rooted in faith, celebrating a liturgy of life.  We are prayerfully responsive to the Spirit of the living Gospel, freely and fully ministering to all.  


Statement from Bishop Pates Concerning COVID19

Letter to Parents from the Office of Youth Formation RE: COVID19

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Are you interested in Technology? Do you want to help learn and understand live streaming platforms and techniques? Do you want to help out the Church while doing it? Do you want to boost your college or high school applications with only an hour or two a week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call or email Mary at mary.prebys@ourladyofmtcarmel.org to talk about how you can get involved with our Mass livestreaming team!! 



We still have signs available. Contact the RE office if you would like to pick one up!

Important Updates

Our Food Pantry is still open.
A note from the food pantry

Hours of operation have been limited due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we are open on
Tuesday and Friday from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.
You can drop off donations during the hours of operation listed above or at any Mass time. We can use:

Canned Dinners
1 Pound Bags of Rice
Boxed Potatoes
Bars of Hand Soap

We can also use paper grocery bags!

Thank you for your consideration.

PLEASE-do not leave any perishable items in the blue bin.


Online Faith Formation




Our Lady of Mt Carmel has purchased a subscription that allows access to formed.org
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To register go to formed.org enter our Parish Code 8bd394 and create a personal account.

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We Still Need You!

All those who want to help our children grow in their faith, when we return, are required to follow the Safe Environment procedures which includes participation in a "Protecting God's Children" workshop. The diocese has now allowed on-line training for all volunteers. Please sign up for this extremely informative workshop. It does take about 90 minutes to complete, (Live workshops are three hours long).

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