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Welcome to the Family Seasonal Resource Page!

We know that life has been difficult to navigate this past year, and we do not want to overburden you with more "stuff" to fill your plate, but we thought this might be a nice change of pace for those looking to reinforce their faith at home.  Here we will offer you seasonal ideas each month to share with your family and friends. We know the COVID crisis will abate at some point, but we also know God is with us in every moment, walking with us, helping us cope. We just need to recognize his presence.

      Create A Ripple    

Rosary Retreat

        40 Way to Pray 

  Family Service Ideas 

Let's Celebrate Sunday


Summer Faith Challenge

VBS-Wilderness Escape!


Upcoming Events &
Special Dates

Holy Holidays & Heavenly Heroes
Find out about any Saint!

May 23     Pentecost- Windsock Craft
May 30     Trinity Sunday-Flexagon Craft
June 6      Corpus Christi-Scripture Connection
June 9      St. Ephraem
June 11    St. Barnabus
June 13    St. Anthony of Padua
June 21    St. Aloysius
June 22    Thomas More
June 24    Birth of John the Baptist
June 27    Cyril of Alexander
June 29    Sts. Peter and Paul

Interesting Dates of Note
From "Days of the Year" -

June is the Great Outdoors/Camping Month

Spend some time playing outside! Take a hike, go for a bike ride, pack a pic-nic and just enjoy the great outdoors. 

Try This: June 30 is Meteor Watch Day-talk to your children about the days of creation, focusing on Day 4 (God creates the Sun, Moon, and Stars). Have light evening time pic-nic and watch for Meteors. Have your children draw a picture of journal some thoughts about the heavens and stars, in the realm of Creation.

June 1      Say Something Nice Day
June 8      Best Friends Day

June 12     Superman Day
June 14     Flag Day
June 16     Fresh Veggie Day
June 20     Father's Day

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