Grade 6

 Focus– The Word of God in the Old Testament
"Your word is lamp for my feet, a light for my path." Psalm 119:105


How Do Sixth Graders Learn?

Sixth graders are beginning to learn about world history in the public schools, and they are beginning to question what their personal values are. Because they have a better idea of how the history of a society impacts the social structures of the present, sixth graders can look at the content of the Hebrew Scriptures and make connections with the Gospels and Epistles of the New Testament. They are also capable of understanding how Sacred Tradition and Scripture can strengthen their faith today. 

What Do Sixth Graders Lean?

The sixth grade curriculum focuses on making the connections between how Jesus lived to fulfil what the Prophets wrote and what happens in the Church today. They will learn about Salvation History by discovering the roots of our faith. 


Grade Level Information

Chapter Calendar 2021-2022


Weekly Take Aways

Start of the Year: September 11-14

As we begin the RE year, remember to think of others first. In the Scripture for this weekend, Jesus says, "If you want to be my followers, you must forget about yourself." He is not telling us to forget about our own needs to stay healthy and safe, but he does remind us to follow his example.

As the school year starts, remember to think about those kids who seem alone. Don't add to someone's suffering by allowing bullies to put others down. Be the first to make new friends with the new kids at school.


Prayers To Learn

Hail, Holy Queen

The Way of the Cross

Found on Pages 326-327 in the Alive In Christ Student Edition

Special Events

We will have a special celebration for our 6th grade students sometime over the Summer, if we are allowed to do so due to COVID regulations.

May God continue to bless your family through this time. We look forward to seeing more students in class and at Mass!