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Welcome to our Family Page.  While our religious education program recognizes the Liturgy as the “source and summit from which all Catechesis flows”, we are also inspired by the fact that you, the parents or guardians of our students, are the primary educators of your children.  Studies show that children have a better appreciation of the faith when it is practiced in the home. Our goal then is to provide families with resources and opportunities to experience faith beyond what is taught within the walls of the classroom. 

We know your time is precious, but we have a very limited time to teach your children all that they need to know about the faith. With that in mind, we ask you to work on the chapter assigned at home. The children should come to RE with the chapter read and Chapter Review finished. Let them jot down any questions, pertaining to the chapter, they may have in order to facilitate discussion without too many diversions.   

We want to thank you for your partnership in the endeavor to walk this faith journey with your children so they may come to realize God’s grace and great love for them. We hope that being a part of our program enhances your family's faith journey. God bless you on all you do for your Children!

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Alive In Christ Family-In the Home

Alive in Christ -In the Home
For Gades 1-6, Please click 
"In The Home"
to find lessons and reviews

For all ages!
Find a variety of activities


Diocese of Joliet Family
What is "Domestic Church"?

What does the Church tell
us about the Family?

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Grade 4

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General Information

We are now accepting registration for the 2021-2022 Academic year. Please See someone in the RE office for more info.

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Upcoming Events 

Children's Liturgy of the Word
June 5-6 through August 21-22
at the 5:30, 10:00, and Noon Mass times
No registration required 

Parent's Meetings September 11-14

We will have a Parent Meeting during your child's first session of RE. On Saturday and Sunday, your children will go directly to class and then meet you in church at the beginning of Mass so your family can enjoy the entire Mass together.

Parents of children in Pre-School and Kindergarten will meet with their child's catechist and sit with their child for the first day of class. 

On Monday and Tuesday, the families will start in the Church  for Liturgy of the Word. After the opening prayer, students will go to their classes and parents will remain for the meeting. 

If there is not a catechist assigned for a particular class, the child will remain with the parents during the meeting. 


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