Confirmation is on Wednesday, April 20th!

Confirmation Rehearsal is on Tuesday, April 19th!

Sponsors, please arrive by 6:30pm both days!


Dear Sponsor,

Congratulations! You have been chosen by a young person for a special role. A wonderful adventure in the spiritual life awaits the two of you. As a Confirmation sponsor, you have accepted a responsibility that is an honor in our Church.

Your role is to spiritually walk with the candidate during the preparation for the sacrament. You will be assisting the young person in being a true witness and disciple of Jesus, and representing the community when you present your candidate to the bishop. Your role does not end at the Confirmation liturgy; you will help the young person fulfill his or her baptismal promises after Confirmation with the help of the Holy Spirit. I ask for your assistance with the following items.

Sponsor Information Packet 2021 -2022


I am asking that you as a Sponsor meet with your candidate at least two times before Confirmation. Once before the end of January and the second time before their Confirmation. Click the button below for the first Activity for you to do with your candidate. It is also included in the Sponsor Packet. In February I will send you a second packet with Activity 2 included in it. Please schedule a time to meet with your candidate now so you do not forget!

Sponsor & Candidate Activity 1 - Please meet by January 31st


If you are not a member of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, or your student has not done so already, please bring the Sponsor Affiliation form to the Pastor of your parish to sign and return to us by December 12th.

Sponsor Afiliation Form - Due December 12th


Being a mentor and a guide for a young person should not be taken lightly. This highlights the need for you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you in your role as sponsor. Your role is not that of teacher but rather that of a mentor, a companion on the journey. It is your experiences as a person living the Catholic faith that will enrich the candidate. As a person bearing witness to Jesus in your own life, you are providing a young Christian with something that cannot be learned from a textbook. Below is a list of few tips and ideas for you as a sponsor

Sponsor Tips and Ideas

If you have any questions, need any recommendations on anything, or concerns regarding the sacramental preparation for Confirmation, please feel free to contact me at 630-852-3303 ext. 6 or stephanie.snyder@ourladyofmtcarmel.org.

In Christ,

Stephanie Snyder

Director of Youth Ministry





Contact Director of Youth Ministry, Stephanie Snyder, for any questions.


630-852-3303 ext. 6



Sponsor Night Recording

Passcode for Recording: zz%$2xtR

Sponsor Night Follow-Up Email