Dear Confirmation Candidate,

You probably get tired of people telling you that you are too young – too young to stay out past a certain hour, too young to go where you want, when you want, and with whom you choose, too young to date, too young to drive, etc., etc.  But the fact is that there are good reasons that adults and authorities make these rules and guidelines.  They make these decisions out of love for you and to protect you. The privileges mentioned above require levels of maturity which you will get to soon.

I write to you with good news.  The Church and our parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel say that you are not too young to take responsibility for your personal relationship with God.  You are not too young to say “Yes” for yourself to follow Jesus.  You are able to begin the adult stage of your faith journey because your parents and families have followed through on the promise they made at your baptism to introduce you to the Lord and His vision for your happiness and fulfillment.

Our Catholic faith is a precious gift from God shared with us through our parents’ love.  But it does not grow magically by itself.  This year of Confirmation preparation is your opportunity to say to the Lord that you want to be a member of His family.  By your availability and hard work you will ask Jesus to come closer to you.  It begins with attendance at Mass, attentiveness in class, and investment of your effort in the projects and assignments of Confirmation preparation.  If you decide to do this and follow through all year long, then, when Bishop comes to confirm, we will welcome you to a new level of maturity in our faith family and a deepening of the bond between you and God.

The importance of what you will do this year cannot be overstated.  By confirming (strengthening) your faith commitment, you are signing on as a witness for Christ in the world. All confirmed Catholics are witnesses for Christ and our lives must give testimony to Christian values.  It is a stunning thought that people have the right to judge Jesus and our Christian faith based on our showing of His teachings.  Think about it.  If we, as those who claim to be Christian, do not represent His way of life in the world, who will?  If Christ’s teaching and presence are to remain a force in the world, it is up to us!  God calls us to this mission and gives each of us talents for the job.  He invites you to Confirmation. Your parents encourage you to take this important step.  Our teaching staff will guide you on the journey.  But none of it will happen unless you make the choice, the commitment, to grow in your understanding of and your involvement in our Church.  You can do it.  You are not too young!  Make the choice.  Do the work.  Show your commitment.  You will be glad you did.  And we, as your parish family, will help you in any way we can.


-Fr. Mike